May 16-June18
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 16, 6-8PM

Tarryn Teresa Gallery is pleased to present Strand, a solo exhibit by Los Angeles-based artist Castillo. Castillo’s work combines a celebration of ancestry and mixed cultural heritage. Castillo is exhibiting three installation pieces, which combine natural and commonplace materials such as hair and rope.  Despite presenting these materials in ways new to the viewer, each installation preserves the integrity of the chosen material while cultivating a different recognition of the material in the viewer.

Ecliptic Eccentricity is comprised of five spheres made entirely of hair and suspended from the ceiling. Each sphere has an imposing physical presence- it hangs at eye level and is approximately three feet in diameter. The viewer confronts the installation and must rationally engage each sphere as both a member of a set and as an individual. In this way, it works as a metaphor for humanity-every human is a product of and thus inextricably linked to their parents, and ancestors, as well as a unique and entirely irreproducible being. 

For many people, hair is an intensely personal part of their body- and for Castillo, hair embodies many aspects of personal identity. She writes: “Legends, rituals, folktales, identities, DNA sampling, stereotypes, value, sacredness, care and attachment are centered around our hair.” By presenting the viewer with a familiar part of themselves that is at once larger than life and incredibly simple, Castillo’s art challenges us to reflect on and adjust our personal perceptions that color our interpretation of reality. 

About Castillo
Castillo is the professional pseudonym of Jane Castillo.  She studied Art Education at California State University at Fullerton and later earned a Master of Fine Arts in sculpture from Claremont Graduate University. She has exhibited at California African American Museum and Bandini Art. Castillo is the recipient of both the 2009 C.O.L.A. City of Los Angeles Individual Art Fellowship Award and the 2009 Visions from the New California Award.

About Tarryn Teresa Gallery
Tarryn Teresa Gallery is a contemporary gallery dedicated to exhibiting conceptual art in all media. The gallery seeks to recognize artists whose statement reflects a refined and perfected process in the service of larger conceptual framework. Tarryn Teresa Gallery is committed to pursuing public art projects and installations.

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