A contemporary gallery dedicated to exhibiting art in all media. The gallery's mission is to recognize artists who have refined and perfected their process in order to challenge the viewer equally, on both a conceptual and aesthetic level.  TARRYN TERESA GALLERY is committed to serving our community through innovative gallery exhibits, public art installations, and events. TTG is also partnered with it's sister company Devoilant that holds a series of invite-only events, curated specifically for the next generation of collectors, here in Los Angeles, as well as in the Bay Area. Please email info@tarrynteresagallery.com for further information on Devoilant or if you are interested in attending our collector events.

Tarryn Teresa is the owner and director of Tarryn Teresa Gallery.  Her career in the arts includes having a parallel track as a business strategist and consultant for tech startups and small businesses.   Her approach overlaps in both industries in terms of building value and the conscious consideration of both objective and subjective elements playing equally important roles when doing so.  Tarryn works closely with collectors who are new to the space and helps acquire pieces that speak to them, while taking into account the potential investment value. Tarryn is based in Los Angeles and works with clients in both LA and in the Bay area.   


Benjamin Wightman
    Assistant Director
Benjamin Wightman studied Business Administration at the University of North Carolina. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles where he began working as a commercial photographer. Gradually his client base became more international. It was this time spent abroad, experiencing new cultures and exploring local galleries and museums that initiated his transition into a career in fine art. Benjamin scouts new talent globally and works with collectors interested in diversifying their collections beyond work by American artists. Based in Los Angeles, Benjamin works with clients around the world.
  Tarryn Teresa
Gallery Director