June 2nd  through July 7th, 2007
Opening Reception: June 2nd, 5-7pm

Tarryn Teresa Gallery presents the debut solo exhibition of Los Angeles–based artist Sunny Scarlett. 

Sunny Scarlett: Homebound features a new body of work that addresses issues of personal and national identity. Scarlett creates richly complex multi-planar collages, incorporating layers of finely etched glass, thousands of pieces of intricately cut and pinned paper, and politically charged imagery. Sunny Scarlett: Homebound will be on view at Bergamot Station Arts Center from June 2, 2007 through July 7, 2007. 

Scarlett’s work examines her inner conflict with being a socially conscious American and expresses the irreconcilable guilt that she feels coming from a place of privilege. She explains, “The Homebound series explores my personal comfort crisis. As an American, I am well fed, well clothed, well entertained, medium-well educated, and I have rare occasion to fret. I am not proud—I am comfortable.” She continues, “My work is pretty straightforward. I fear what I love but I am also a patriot and I have great hope for my country.” 

Exploiting the fragility of her media, Scarlett employs decorative and delicate materials such as glass, straight pins, and opulent fine paper to create ethereal assemblages that are at times guiltily beautiful. She integrates the ornamental aspect of her materials with a recurring visual vocabulary of symbols of the wealth of the United States—agriculture, oil, and currency—, but reversed or accompanied by images of roller coasters, birds and snowflakes to subvert and question the value and moral implications. She utilizes a purposefully intimate scale and labor-intensive process. Her practice of affixing and displaying a gathering of paper vestiges recalls scientific specimens held for observation and/or preservation. The exhibition/series title—Homebound—deliberately plays upon the dual meaning of the term: it conveys the idea of being both restricted by and compelled to one’s “home.”  

A reversed geographical outline of the map of the United States etched and filled with a harvest of heart-shaped cut paper, Home (2006) recalls various clichés: home is where the heart is and the American heartland, the geographic center of the contiguous United States, center for agriculture, but also represents the center for national pride and American “values.” 

About the Artist

Sunny Scarlet received her MFA in Photography from Ohio University in 2003 at which time she moved to Los Angeles. Scarlet also runs a small business with her mother making fused glass jewelry that can be found in shops and galleries all over Los Angeles. For more information about the artist and her work, visit

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