August 8-September 17, 2009
Reception: August 15, 6-8PM

Tarryn Teresa Gallery is pleased to present unNATURAL HISTORY the debut solo exhibit of artist Joshua Levine in Los Angeles.  Using taxidermy models as a reference point, Levine constructs fantastical and sometimes frightening hybrids of familiar animals. The creatures are often brightly and unnaturally colored, with numbers of heads, eyes and legs that are typically considered to be extraneous in land mammals. 

Levine is fascinated by the interplay between humanity’s increasing ability to control our genetic structure and that of other animals and the random genetic variations resulting from our environmental manipulation.  Levine refers to his works as “mutations”, appropriating technical terminology to describe an artistic vision.  In keeping with this schematic , Levine presents his mutations as museum or curio pieces: mounted, posed and stationary.

Levine’s trophy stands feature the full body of the mutation and resemble the dioramas of a natural history museum. They plausibly hint at initiatives to educate and cultivate respect for nature. But humanity’s instinct is not only to preserve and to study, but also, occasionally to celebrate our “mastery” over nature.  Here, Levine’s “game” trophy heads (instead of deer or elk, Levine mounts the heads mutations ) are a wry commentary on humanity’s complicated relationship with nature. unNATURAL HISTORY turns the gallery space into a parallel world, one in which Levine’s  mutations  are curious enough to be studied and preserved and routine enough to be hunted and killed.

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About the Artist
Joshua Levine was born in Boston and raised in Miami. He studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and earned an MFA from the University of Miami. Levine has shown previously at Ambrosino Gallery in Miami, Luxe Gallery in Manhattan, Irvine Contemporary Gallery in Washington DC and had the inaugural exhibit in the INSIGHT program at the Moore College of Art Design in Philadelphia, PA. 

About the Gallery
Tarryn Teresa Gallery is a contemporary gallery dedicated to exhibiting conceptual art in all media. The gallery seeks to recognize artists whose statement reflects a refined and perfected process in the service of larger conceptual framework. Tarryn Teresa Gallery is committed to pursuing public art projects and installations.