Vertebrate Companion Series

April 21st through May 26th, 2007
Opening Reception: April 24th, 2007, 5-7pm

Tarryn Teresa Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by artist George Goodridge. 

Vertebrate Companion series is supported by the artist’s prior studies in geometric reconstruction, three-dimensional painting and conceptual installations.  Goodridge is primarily interested in the creation of new forms, which he calls object paintings.  These paintings are concerned with the notions of structure vs. chaos and nature vs. technology.  His process as an artist involves working with how he can merge these seemingly opposing ideas. The work is both architecturally and naturally inspired, simultaneously invoking the underlying structure of buildings and bodies. This, in turn, cannot be separated from the inherent order/chaos of life.  Although the title of this series suggests a link to the animate, the intent is not for an obvious representational appearance. The idea of the vertebrate entity is purposely only a perception.   

These three-dimensional paintings and wall installations are fabricated in canvas stretched over wood armatures and painted with oil pigment.  In our age of disposable and temporary art, his process is purposely archival.  Although the artist has hung them in a specific way, the works have no specific formulas for installation. They may be presented in an infinite number of configurations, without compromising their integrity or intended correctness.  The particular solutions shown are the obvious; however perhaps there are more uncomfortable pairings that would further highlight some of the questions posed by the work.  For the artist, the studies are more about invention than perceived correctness – if “correctness” does in fact exist. At once separate and together, these vertebrate companions possess infinite possibilities.  

In conclusion, the vertebrate companion series is somewhat ambiguous by intention. The pieces are more than merely studies in form, color and composition  - or even the questioning of ideas pertaining to nature and architecture.  Like all structures, the works possess a solid foundation from which they expand and grow.  Both visceral and coolly inert, they are indeed companions in their independent, yet ultimately cohesive nature.

About the Artist 

This is Goodridge’s first solo exhibition on the west coast. He has recently relocated to Los Angeles, from Miami, Florida. As well as being a working artist, Goodridge has worked as a designer in the film industry since the mid-eighties. His broad experience includes major market assignments with both national and international clientele. He has also taught at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and served as a senior technical advisor at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago.  He has work in public and private collections worldwide, including a site-specific installation at Miami International Airport. 

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