GARY PALMER : Moments of Stillness
June 27th through August 9th Opening Reception: June 27th, 7-9 pm
Tarryn Teresa Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new work by Los Angeles-based artist Gary Palmer.
Palmer’s previous exhibit with Tarryn Teresa Gallery. Distilled Landscapes, was a site specific installation of a continuous black line of Sumi ink. The landscape interpreted as an unbroken horizon, conducive to silencing the viewer’s thoughts and inspiring a meditative state. This intention is consistent in his new exhibit, Moments of Stillness. This body of work is a series of color fields that are the culmination of Palmer’s exploration of painting as a form of meditative practice. Born from a period of several months spent at a retreat on a mountaintop near the boarder to Mexico, the recent paintings treat the process of painting itself as a form of meditation. "Multiple, separate strokes applied like a breath, each one almost the same, yet each unique.” The action of painting is configured as a process to reach a more focussed state, while the works themselves exude a sense of peace. The resulting paintings are windows for contemplation on a dialogue between eastern philosophy and quantum physics. In particular, the idea that the material world is in essence composed of energy, and that the field of energy from which matter arises is ‘quantized’ or ‘particulate’, and may ultimately be composed of tiny vibrating strings. The elegant simplicity, and subtle detail draw the viewer into each piece to experience a moment of stillness and approach a state of ‘quietude’.
About the Artist: 
Born in Belfast in 1968, Gary Palmer grew up in a small town of Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland. After graduating from the University of Edinburgh with a Masters degree in Architecture he spent the next few years traveling around the world creating perspective drawings in public places. How work was featured at international events in Europe, Australia, and the US. He now works from a studio in Venice, California, and devotes his summers to painting at a retreat in the south of France.
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